They’re perhaps the most adorable couple on Strictly Come Dancing. But are Mollie King and AJ Pritchard really more than friends behind the scenes?

To be honest, this is one rumour we’re kind of keeping our fingers crossed is true.

They’re currently winning over the hearts of the nation with their sweet and fabulously flirty moves on the Strictly dance floor. But rumours of romance off of the Strictly stage have followed Mollie King and AJ Pritchard for almost the entire show.

Just weeks ago, the Strictly pros echoed our own sentiments when they jokingly urged the utterly adorable pair to ‘kiss’ on TV. And Claudia again poked fun at the twosome, claiming that only ‘half’ of their training time has been spent kissing.

And now, rumours are flying that 23-year-old AJ and 30-year-old Mollie have been spotted ‘kissing’ backstage during training for the show! Ooooh!

A source allegedly told The Sun, “They have been seen kissing, canoodling and even snogging while training.

“It’s still very early days and they are not officially dating or in a relationship, but there’s a real chemistry and attraction between them.”

And reportedly, their relationship is the talk of the town on the show as well!

The source continued, “Everyone is talking about it backstage and they are desperate for them to become a couple.”

However, it seems that there’s speculation about whether the romance will stand the test of time.

The source continued, “But only time will tell if this is a romance that will only exist inside the Strictly bubble or something they’ll carry on with after the show.

“He is much younger than her and Mollie tends to go for older, more mature men.” Of course, one of Mollie’s most notable exes is David Gandy, who is 37.

Mollie and AJ themselves have continued to deny the romance rumours however – sob.

Just last week on This Morning, Holly and Phil addressed the persistent speculation. But Mollie quickly shot them down, saying “No we’re not together, we’re not. I promise. (I wouldn’t lie) to you Phillip, or to you Holly.”

But Mollie did say that she gets why people are hoping for a relationship between the pair so much.

“We get on so well and I think that’s maybe why there’s these rumours. We’re literally like best friends, we spend so much time together.”

However, she did confess that she “loves” spending time with AJ – so maybe there’s hope yet?

“We’re training 12 hours a day and I still love spending every minute with him so it’s mad that you’re not sick of each other.”

We suppose only time will tell if there’s any truth to this speculation. But we’ll admit, we are TOTALLY rooting for the adorable dancing couple!