A very emotional Michelle Heaton has revealed she will tell her six-year-old daughter that she may need to have her breasts and womb removed when she’s older, due to the BRCA2 gene.

Michelle Heaton

Michelle, 38, underwent her own preventative mastectomy and hysterectomy in 2015 after discovering she has the BRCA2 gene, which sadly can lead to breast and ovarian cancer.

Now, the former pop star is thinking ahead to her daughter’s future and the difficult decisions she will have to make too.

Thinking about the situation, Michelle said: “I actually get a lump in my throat. I mean it’s horrible to look at her… in my head, the best way to look at it is when she is 18, and she gets offered the test, I hope that science evolves, and there is another option, than what I’ve had to choose.

“Or genetics has evolved, and there’s no such thing as BRCA2.”

Following her experience, Michelle decided to write her book Hot Flush: Motherhood, the Menopause and Me, and says she will let Faith read it in order to understand everything a bit more.

“The best thing I can give her is my book. Because everything is in it, and I’ve not lied, exaggerated, I’ve been honest,” she explained.

“So when she is of an age where she can understand I will just give her the book, and wait and see if she has any questions.

“As nothing has been forgotten, and it has all been explained. Maybe then she will realise why mummy has been a bit upset.”

Unfortunately, Michelle’s decision meant she went through an early menopause, which she has admitted “put a strain” on her marriage to Hugh Hanley.

She also admitted it made her act irrationally towards Faith, and her four-year-old son Aaron, and sometimes even reduced them to tears.

“Obviously it’s not an intentional thing, but to watch my six-yeary-old cry because of what her mummy has irrationally done – like throw her toy out because she was naughty.

ALERT: long post don’t read if operating heavy machinery 😂 so…. What a week.. 2 birthdays 2 party’s 2 red carpet events lots of work 7 meals out and far far too much cake .. my jeans are bursting along with my heart, coz 2nite I fall asleep with these beautiful people around me in my home for the last time until Christmas Day. That’s the awful thing with my choice of career .. I am away from my family allot. But they know I come back .. and they know why I do it.. i do it because I love it, and I get to provide for my family.. it’s not an easy choice to make to leave these faces.. I always way up the pros and con’s before taking any job on. We don’t have live in nannies or childcare with family .. we only have ourselves wonderful friends who help but more importantly i have a supporting husband who will do anything to support me & make my dreams come true, as I do his. This time I get to be the wicked queen for 5 weeks in newcastle at the @tyneoperahouse and perform in front of a home crowd which makes me very proud. The fact I still get to be on stage now and again after all these years and after all the health issues that’s been, gone and present… is a blessing. Right, Ok so I may have had a few wines 2nite & blabbed on too long.. so I will leave you with this .. I love my family & I can’t bare to leave them .. but I want to provide for my family and I get to provide by doing what I love so I’m damned if I’m gonna give up fighting for it it anytime soon! Night all .. see you in pantoland .. oh yes you will 😉😂🧛‍♀️

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“But was she really that naughty? Probably not… But it’s difficult to understand what the difference is. I talk to other mums they do that as well and they’re not going through menopause,” she said.

“Is it me being a b**** of a wife, or a really annoyed mummy? Or is it the hormones. The answer is I really don’t know.”

However, Michelle has her own ways of dealing with the early menopause and said: “If I take Femarelle, it helps me feel a bit better, with exercise, eating right, and a glass or two of wine!”