Michelle Collins has opened up about why she feels “stronger,” “healthier” and “sexier” than ever at the age of 56.

“I feel like a confident woman,” she admitted. “I’m stronger and healthier and I suppose I feel sexier, too.”

Unlike most women her age, Michelle has finally learned to feel content with the body she was given.

Reflecting on what she likes best about that body, she said: “I like my toned arms, and I do wear a bikini, but I have bad days, too.”

See, despite her new-found body confidence, the EastEnders actress still has insecurities like the rest of us.

“I’m a normal woman with hormones and of course there are bits I don’t like, but it’s a horrible world out there and you have to embrace what you have and be positive,” she confessed.

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And, Michelle’s self-confidence might have something to do with her relationship with Mike Davison, who she’s been dating for five years.

Despite getting bullied for her looks at school, Michelle feels no pressure to change herself because her 34-year-old beau loves her just the way she is.

“I was bullied at school by boys who called me ‘collywobble ears’ because they stuck out, but Mike tells me he loves my ears and is amazingly supportive about my body,” she gushed.

“He’s been brought up with two sisters, and that’s made him who he is. He doesn’t put pressure on me to look younger or thinner, he just loves me for me.”

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He sounds like a keeper!