Ever since first appearing on our screens as Cindy Beale in EastEnders, way back in 1988, Michelle Collins has been a very busy woman.

She is an actress, producer, and, since launching her own skincare line, a businesswoman.

We recently sat down with Michelle, and chatted about everything from her favourite beauty product to overcoming her past struggles with her body image.

In terms of staying camera ready, Michelle is certainly an expert, and there is one product that she recommends above all others – “I do love my Touche Éclat.” The Touche Éclat is a classic beauty product, responsible for brightening eyes and skin worldwide, and you can get it for £25.50.

Michelle’s own skincare range, Pellum Vero is aimed at women over 30, who want to retain the elasticity of their skin. Michelle chose to use simple but high quality ingredients, and fragrance the range with Green Tea for its health properties. Prices start at £19.

Of course, Michelle doesn’t just rely on products to keep herself looking fantastic.

She makes sure to go to the gym “4 or 5 times a week” but her favourite form of exercise, which is responsible for keeping her skin glowing too, is hot yoga.

“I’m not manic about constantly exercising, but it makes me feel better. I find if I go to the gym more often, I have more energy.”

Michelle revealed that in order to maintain her figure in a healthy way she eats “little and often”.

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“It’s the only way I do it. I’m quite faddy about my food because I’m an ex-anorexic and that is always at the back of my mind.”

She has trouble sleeping, and revealed that there is only one thing that helps her sleep – podcasts. Her favourites include Serial, S-Town and  Women’s Hour.

Since she leads such a busy, successful life, we needed to know what the best advice Michelle had for other women, and she didn’t disappoint, “Ask other women for help. Don’t isolate yourself. There’s this idea that women are all bitchy about each other and it just isn’t true. Women uplift each other.”

“Don’t be afraid of a challenge. Don’t be afraid of failure. ”

Words to live by – thanks, Michelle!