They’ve been teasing us with the idea of another reunion for years, and now Mel B has confessed that if it was up to her Spice Girls would get straight out on the road.

After months of speculation that 2018 could be the year the five girls – Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton, Geri Horner and Victoria Beckham – get back together, Mel B, 42, set the record straight on Loose Women.

“We are in the works of figuring the stuff out… I don’t want to say too much,” she admitted. “All five of us have signed with Simon Fuller. I can’t say exactly what and when but it’s all very exciting.”

Asked if the girls would be performing the old classics – including Mama and 2 become 1 or if they’ll be making new music, Mel said: “It’s going to be a bit of everything. If it was up to me we’d go on tour immediately. Maybe we will soon… hopefully.”

And, it seems Mel – who split from her husband Stephen Belafonte last year – has been the driving force behind the reunion.

“I’ve always said we’re definitely touring,” she explained. “I think I’ve just been nagging them all a bit too much. I stopped nagging and then they all said yes. I shut my mouth.”

Despite appearing like the best of friends – all bonded over their mutual love of the much-loved term girl power – there were rumours of a rift between the girls.

So is it true?

“Catty? No, no. We actually all do really get on,” Mel B confessed. “When you’ve gone through something so huge together – we got famous basically overnight and we only had each other – so we’ve got a bond that nobody can break.

“We went around to Geri’s house, had a cup of tea, she put on a fancy posh spread and we just had a good old natter. I’m seeing Geri and Emma tomorrow.”

“It is [like a family]. We didn’t really fall out, fall out. We’re just like five sisters. We bicker a little bit but we’ve always got each other’s back.”

So can we expect Geri to be back in that union jack dress and Mel to pull back on her Buffalo trainers?


“Some of [my outfits] were in the garage. I kind of, this sounds so terrible, I built myself a shrine in my bedroom. I got these mannequins and I thought, ‘Oh wouldn’t it be great if I could dress my mannequins in my old Spice Girls stuff?’ I did it as a joke, but actually I really like it. I wake up and I go ‘Yeah, I wore that and that’s me’. The Brit Awards one that I kind of sewed myself into, I try it on every now and again, by myself, when no-one’s around. I put my big buffalo boots on the other day, I couldn’t even get down the stairs, how did I run around in that?”

Oh Mel, keep practicing as the tour won’t be the same without them.