Reports claim former Spice Girl could be left red faced after sex tapes may be used as evidence

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte‘s divorce was never going to be a simple or straight-forward ‘affair’ (excuse the pun). But the former Spice Girl took a devastating blow this week when a LA court ruled that the details of their break-up would NOT remain private. Ouch.

The 42-year -old recently made a bid to seal all records in her divorce and keep the courtroom closed, but a LA judge has promptly shut it down.

According to reports, Scary Spice wanted the proceedings kept secret because she’s worried her estranged husband will expose explicit sex tapes as evidence. Wow.

Sadly, it’s been a tough few months for Mel who filed for divorce from her second husband of 10 years, Stephen, back in June. After announcing her plans to separate from the film producer, the singer has accused her ex of ’emotional and physical abuse’ and alleged he got their nanny Lorraine Gilles pregnant during an affair.

Mel B

Stephen has hit back, saying the singer’s claims as false, with his lawyers describing them as “nothing more than a smear campaign”. Lorraine, meanwhile, has filed a defamation claim against Mel and is said is to be preparing to sue the pop star for “unspecified damages” over the allegations she has made.

 She has denied Mel B’s claims that she was having an affair with Stephen behind her back and the claims that she took £250,000.

It has been reported that the German au pair has, however, said that she willingly took part in threesomes with the couple.

Court papers filed on behalf of Lorraine’s behalf read, “At no point did Gilles and Belafonte engage in any sexual acts without Brown’s knowledge or participation and at no point did Gilles and Belafonte represent to Brown that Gilles was pregnant with Belafonte’s child.”

Wow – this is MESSY!

 This latest blow may also be a very bitter pill to swallow for Mel, because just last month a judge has ruled Stephen, 42, has the right to apply for custody rights over her 10-year-old daughter Angel – who’s her second youngest child with Hollywood actor and ex-hubby Eddie Murphy.

Despite Stephen not being her biological dad – the TV producer claims he’s played an important role in raising her and will fight for visitations rights in the future.

The pair are also battling over custody of their six-year-old daughter Madison.

From our sister site, Celebs Now. Written by Lydia Major