Meghan Markle wowed onlookers with a stunning ensemble while on her first official appearance with Queen Elizabeth II.

Meghan, alongside the rest of the royal family, attended the Commomwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on 12th March.

And her regal outfit certainly caught the attention of viewers, as she opted for a stylish, tailored white coat and sophisticated blue dress.

However, it seems the soon-to-be royal may have been hoping to pay a subtle – but touching – style tribute to her late mother-in-law for the occasion.

Meghan donned a soft white beret hat, which was designed by milliner Stephen Jones, for the Commonwealth event. And it’s well known that Stephen’s designs were a firm favourite of the late Princes Diana.

Diana often turned to the milliner for hats for royal events – even sporting a beret in 1984 not too dissimilar to Meghan’s choice.

Similarly, Meghan chose a sleek white Amanda Wakeley coat for the important service. She also decided on the designer’s royal blue ‘Springsteen’ dress to wear underneath.

This is also perhaps a subtle nod to her late mother-in-law, who regularly wore Amanda’s designs herself.

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In fact, the designer became somewhat synonymous with Diana during her time as Princess. The late royal favoured their timeless, classic designs, often opting for their statement power suits.

The Duchess of Cambridge has similarly followed in Diana’s style footprints, by choosing the designer on many occasions before.

While Meghan Markle never had a chance to meet her fiance’s beloved mother, it seems that she’s determined to pay a subtle homage to the style icon.

Meghan’s style decisions didn’t go unnoticed by royal fashion fans either. And some event took to Twitter to comment on the tribute.

One wrote, ‘Meghan Markle’s beret today is by Stephen Jones, also preferred milliner of the late Princess Diana, who wore one of his berets in 1982. I love a fashion homage.’

Another agreed, commenting, ‘Such a sweet nod to her.’

After the Commonwealth service, the royal family and Meghan met with members of the public outside of the Abbey. Whilst chatting to some young fans, Meghan admitted she was “very excited” about her upcoming wedding to Harry.

And it’s clear that many people feel the same about what is set to be the event of the year.

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