Meghan Markle security detail stepped up after adorable public debut with Prince Harry…

Dating a royal is bound to come with some big changes in your life. And following her recent outing with her royal beau, it seems Meghan Markle has had to step up her security to combat the massive increase in attention on her.

The pair made an ADORABLE debut as a couple at the wheelchair tennis during Harry’s Invictus Games. Look how cute they are together…

It was the couple’s first official outing together together. And of course, it seems the world is now more obsessed with the Suits star than ever.

Reportedly, her personal security detail has been beefed up in order to guarantee her safety following the huge press attention on her.

But the step-up in safety isn’t from Prince Harry’s camp. It seems that Meghan’s TV bosses have actually deemed it necessary to up her security, hiring round-the-clock protection for the actress.

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Reportedly, NBC Universal, who is in charge of Meg’s law drama Suits, have paid for extra security around her home. They’ve also paid for increased protection on the set of the show.

It’s a bit different to the protection the Duchess of Cambridge received during her early days within the family.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s security…

Unlike Meghan, Catherine didn’t receive additional security until after she and Wills were engaged. However, the Duke of Cambridge did pay for extra protection for her from his own private fortune beforehand.

Kate was then given Scotland Yarl royal body guards after the pair announced their engagement news.

And it’s likely that, if Meghan and Harry become engaged, and she stays in Toronto, she’ll be protected by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It’s their job to take of royals when they’re in the country.

Of course, Meghan’s security at home is already at maximum capacity when her royal boyfriend comes to stay.

One neighbour, who spoke to the Daily Mail, revealed that the road is full of police when he comes to visit.

He told the publication, “She usually has guys in a dark car. I’ve seen them escorting her in and they try to shield her a bit.

“She’s very nice – I saw her the other day and she smiled and waved at us. The owner of this house knows Meghan very well; she’s good friends with her.

“When I started working here, she told me not to worry if I see security stepped up because that means Harry is here.”