Lydia Wilson is currently starring as troubled cellist Matilda in BBC1’s supernatural thriller Requiem. Matilda is on a quest for the truth when a child goes missing, but all is not what it seems.

We caught up with the actress to hear all about the new show, and how she found plating such an intense character…

How would you describe Matilda?

Something huge is missing from her life and an integral part of her is empty. She’s filled with grief over her mother’s suicide, which leaves her at a crossroads. She could either fall apart, or as we saw from midway through the first episode, she could channel her sadness into an obsessive search for her true identity.

You’re in nearly every scene. Was that hard?
Filming Requiem was very tough and quite surreal. Because Matilda is in a state of shock, her skin is very thin, and that puts her at the mercy of the world. I didn’t realise that until I had a week off in the middle of filming. During that week, when I wasn’t so vulnerable, I remember thinking, ‘Why am I crying?’

Did you notice anything spooky while filming?
There were some odd things when we filmed around the old mansion in Wales. There were a lot of dead birds, everyone in the cast got a stye, and I woke up one morning with sand in my bed shaped like an angel. I don’t know how it got there. It was very weird.

Why would you say Requiem is unique?
These days some drama can be formulaic but this is different. It’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable. It’s fantastic to make something that’s so bold.

Requiem, Fridays, 9pm, BBC1

Words by: Julie Ann Trainor