At 69, Lulu has proven that age really is just a number, after surprising viewers with her glowing complexion on The One Show.

The celebrated singer, who appeared on the show on Wednesday, rocked up in a comfy beige jumper, with her signature, flared blonde locks.

But it was her youthful appearance that floored fans, who couldn’t believe that the singer is approaching 70. Lulu looked wrinkle-free and smooth-complexioned during her appearance – leaving viewers wondering how they can achieve such an enviably young and bright-eyed look in their sixth decade.

One fan on Twitter wrote, ‘Wow! Lulu looks amazing for 69 years old!’

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While another agreed, saying, ‘After watching #Lulu on #theoneshow I’m yearning to know her secret for such a youthful fresh complexion!! @lulushouts – she looks amazing!’

One viewer was also left wondering whether the star ever actually ages – writing, ‘#Lulu. Never ages. Always has good hair #TheOneShow’

So, we decided to take a trip down memory lane, and look back at the superstar’s changing faces over the years. And you’ll be surprised, because the singer looks pretty amazing in almost every decade over her life…

Lulu, 2010      Lulu 2010

Appearing on The Alan Titchmarsh show in 2010, Lulu at 61 looks as youthful as ever, with gorgeous glowing skin and a style that transcends the decades.

Lulu, 2000

Lulu 2000

10 years earlier, and Lulu looks more 30 than 50. The singing sensation has a flattering short haircut here, but her dewy skin is the real star of the show. And yet again, her complexion ensures she doesn’t look a day over her 50 years!

Lulu, 1989

Lulu 1989

At the tail end of the fashionable 80s, Lulu is well and truly channeling the statement earrings and bouffant style that the decade encapsulated. However, she still looks far younger than her 40 years here!

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Lulu, 1979

Lulu 1979

In the 70s, Lulu’ was already and established success, and it seems the joy of being one of the UK’s most treasured stars shone through on her face. Here, at age 31, Lulu is the picture of spark and energy – and she doesn’t look dissimilar to the Lulu of today!

Lulu, 1968

Lulu 1968

In the 60s, Lulu’s singing career had reached dazzling heights – and she was the picture-perfect image of the successful 60s woman. In the decade, Lulu embraced the fashions and was constantly on trend – we’re loving her light fringe and amazing eyeliner here!

Lulu, 1964


At just 15 years of age, Lulu was signed to Decca Records to begin her singing career – and the rest, as they say, is history. The fresh-faced singer was still just as beautiful here – and she’s still recognisable as the Lulu we know now.

So just how does she do it?

Although the singer has never confessed to having had serious cosmetic surgery, she has confessed to have used Botox injections in the past.

She has confessed, “I mean, I have done the Botox thing – been there, done that, got the T-shirt.”

But what are her other secrets? Well, the star also has a range of anti-ageing skincare products, aptly named Time Bomb, sold at QVC.

And if they work for her – we’re pretty much convinced!