Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield recruited a mystic pig to predict the outcome of tonight’s big England game.












As World Cup fans eagerly await England’s semi-final match against Croatia, Holly and Phil consulted a psychic pig on This Morning today to find out which team will come out on top.

According to the savvy swine, named Marcus, England WILL beat Croatia and make it to Sunday’s final.

The eight-year-old pig has thus far correctly predicted five results in this year’s tournament. Here’s hoping he’s made his sixth!

Watching Marcus from his pigsty in Derby via video link, the This Morning team tentatively waited for the pig to choose between two piles of apples marked with both England and Croatia flags.

While Marcus headed towards the apples with the England flags, 37-year-old Holly pleaded: “Don’t change direction.”

The pig began chomping on the fruit – a sign that England will beat Croatia – after which Holly and Phillip jumped for joy in the ITV studio.

Feeling ecstatic from the result, Holly started singing “Football’s Coming Home”, and cheered: “Yes Marcus! I love that little piggy!”

This wasn’t Marcus’ first moment of glory on This Morning. The micro pig had previously appeared on the show, and correctly guessed that England would win against Colombia earlier this month.

 Though he went to the London-based studio on that occasion, this time Marcus remained in Derby as he was “too angry” to travel, according to Phil, 56.

 Marcus’ owner, Juliette Stevens from Heage, Derbyshire, said: “Mystic Marcus has so far never ever been wrong in his predictions of top sporting events, including Wimbledon and the football World Cup.












“He has a lovely chilled out personality and has produced some lovely piglets.”

Juliette claimed the pig’s apple prediction method is “very scientific”, adding that the apples must be identical for an accurate prediction.

 “This is where it gets very scientific,” she explained. “I get two apples, the same variety, size and colour. It’s very strict.”