She's renowned for giving fans an honest representation of her life as a celeb, sharing candid photos of her 'mum tum' and 'period skin', but despite her bravery and honesty, Stacey Solomon has admitted she isn't always as confident.

To celebrate reaching 1 million followers, the 28-year-old gave her fans an opportunity to ask her some burning questions.

But when asked how she stays so ‘body confident or positive all the time’ Stace revealed it’s not always the case for her.

Opening up about her insecurities, she admitted, “There’s definitely moments when I lose may confidence.”

“I’m definitely not anything all the time. There’s definitely moments when I lose my confidence a little bit and lose my way with it,” she said in the video clip.

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“I just try to  keep positive, happy and confident because I’m grateful just to be alive, and I  focus on the important things as much as I can.

“At the end of the day, we are our own worst enemy and we put ourselves down so much. It’s so much easier and feels so much better to be kind to yourself. It really does.”

So how does the Loose Women panellist – who we know and love for promoting body confidence – combat her insecurities?

“The mentality that I adopt 99.9% of the time is the Shallow Hal mentality where I just walk around and think, ‘I am amazing and beautiful! My god I look good.’ No matter what anyone else thinks, as long as I think it inside that’s all that matters!” she explained.

The brave video clip comes after the mum-of-two – to Zachary, 10, and Leighton, six, – showed off her “extra fold over tummy lines” while on holiday with her boys.

Wearing a red bikini, the TV presenter embraced her curves, as she told her fans, “Nature = the prettiest backgrounds. No filter needed. Loving my extra fold over tummy lines this year, they look like a six pack wahoo! Winning! Happy hump day xxx”

And she wants all mums to feel just as confident in their swimwear as well.

During her question an answer session, one fan asked for advice on what to wear on the beach due to her “wrinkly flabby mum tum”, at which point Stacey instantly responded, “Wear what makes you feel comfortable.”

“Wear whatever you want to wear because at the end of the day, there is nothing negative about wrinkly mummy tummy,” she said.

Stacey Solomon

“They’re all positive things and they are all a part of you. Wear what makes you comfortable and what you like.

“Just because certain images and websites don’t show those things doesn’t mean they’re not just as beautiful. You can pull off that bikini as well as the next person, so go for it!”

You tell them, Stacey!