Lorraine Kelly was left red-faced this morning when she made an awkward blunder while interviewing Rod Stewart.


The music legend dropped by the studio to talk about his new track and upcoming tour later this year.

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And after the pair chatted about a holiday they had together 25 years ago, Lorraine finished the interview by telling the 74-year-old, “It’s so good to see you. How can it possibly be 50 years. It’s nuts.”

Clearly confused, then asked, “50 years doing what?”

When 59-year-old Lorraine said she was talking about his music career, Rod hit back, “It’s actually a little bit more than that. I started when I was 19.”

Before cheekily quipping, “Do your maths.”

If that wasn’t awkward enough, Rod then became distracted by fashion guru Mark Heyes who was waiting in the wings for his own segment.

Keen to reassure Mark that his interview with Lorraine would be over soon, Rod stopped the chat twice, saying, “We’ll be with you in a minute guys, don’t worry.”

Meanwhile, Rod also opened up about his show business career, admitting the secret behind staying young at heart is exercise.

“You really have to keep the body fresh by working out, my trainer always says, ‘If you don’t work out, your body becomes like a stagnant pond, nothing moves’ which I think is a great analogy,” he said.

“I work out a lot. Otherwise I think it’s just genetic. I have still got my barnet…some rock stars haven’t.”

The star – who is dad to eight children – went on to reveal his older kids were concerned when he first started dating wife Penny Lancaster.

Rod admitted, “It was hard coming up with all the other kids, they didn’t know if it was another woman trying to get hold of dad’s money… far from it.

“She won them all over and they all adore her now. We just had a wonderful holiday all together in Florida. Florida won’t be the same since the Stewarts were there.”