Daytime TV legend Lorraine Kelly has previously admitted that she is an absolute sucker for Christmas.

After another successful year fronting her namesake show, the 57-year-old is gearing up for some quality time with her husband and daughter.

And Lorraine isn’t the only ITV daytime lady looking forward to the holidays.

Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid, 46, is also getting ready to take a break from her presenting duties, while Kate Garraway, 50, is preparing to enjoy plenty of festive cheer with her two little ones after her stint on I’m a Celeb. And Charlotte Hawkins, 42, is planning on working some Strictly sparkle into her Christmas wardrobe…!

Here, the four stars tell Woman all about their festive plans…

Lorraine Kelly

What do you want for Christmas this year?

I would like to find a giant Chocolate Orange, as I eat one all to myself before breakfast on Christmas Day – it’s a tradition! I’d also like a ticket to Antarctica and South Georgia. I was there in February and can’t wait to go back.

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

I would like to kiss my husband! I love Christmas because we get to spend a lot of time with each other.

What do you like best about Christmas?

EVERYTHING! I have always loved all the traditions, like putting up the tree and decorations, and leaving Santa a massive glass of malt whisky. And the chance to see friends and family.

What’s your worst Christmas disaster?

I haven’t had any big disasters. My husband Steve does the cooking and I do the clearing up. We all need to stop stressing about Christmas and enjoy it. It’s not about presents and spending fortunes. It’s about friends and family and fun.

Charlotte Hawkins

What’s Christmas usually like for you?

We love hosting, so we try to get everyone to come to us. My husband likes cooking the turkey and all the trimmings, while I’m in charge of canapés and desserts.

What’s your most memorable Christmas disaster?

I was making dessert on Christmas morning and hadn’t read the recipe beforehand. So it wasn’t great when I got to the bit where it said, ‘Now leave to set in the fridge overnight’!

Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe this year?

The same as every year – my husband Mark. We’ve been married nine years now. My daughter Ella Rose, two, is very excited about Christmas so no doubt she’ll want a kiss too!

What would you love to find in your stocking?

Chocolate! I love eating it in bed on Christmas morning – it’s the only time of year you can get away with it.

Would you rather be at home or on holiday for Christmas?

Home every time. I love waking up in my bed and opening my stocking. I’m looking forward to Ella Rose’s reaction this year – she is going to love it! Father Christmas visits everyone who stays at our house, so there are little treats for everyone.

Susanna Reid

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

I don’t know if I’ve ever been given anything awful, but I have been accused of giving useful but not terribly romantic presents. The worst one was probably an electric toothbrush, to an old boyfriend.

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

My children, because there are only so many years left that they’re going to want a kiss from me!

When does Christmas start for you?

When I was younger, it was never allowed to start until after my birthday on 10 December. But now, the children get so excited by it all that it has to start just a little bit earlier than that.

What’s your favourite thing about the whole festive season?

I love that process of getting out the tree and decorations – especially the things the kids made when they were little, or that we’ve picked up on our travels over the years.

Kate Garraway

What is Christmas like for your family?

It’s all about family time for me. I have always loved Christmas, and when you have kids the magic is reinvigorated.

Do you have any unmovable traditions?

Every Christmas Eve we travel to my in-laws in Lancashire. It’s a long drive, so we always dress up in festive costumes and decorate the car with fairy lights, which is quite a sight on the motorway!

What’s a film that always gets you in the festive mood?

It’s A Wonderful Life is my total favourite. I don’t think you can beat it and I cry every time.

What’s one of your favourite Christmas memories?

Being at my parents’ the year after my son Billy, now eight, was born. We always have Christmas Day at my in-laws and then a second Christmas at Mum and Dad’s. Billy cooed at all the lights and my brother and his family were there too. It was perfect!

Hands up – whose feeling super festive now?!