Lorraine Kelly is known for opening up about some controversial topics on her morning telly show.

Lorraine Kelly

But the presenter shocked fans when she made a rather surprising admission live on today’s episode.

During a chat with Coleen Nolan, the 59-year-old said, “I’m aghast as I keep my bra on all the time, I even sleep in it.

“I didn’t realise that was weird, I said that this morning and everyone was like ‘WHAT? What are you talking about?'”

While cupping her boobs, Lorraine then added, “I don’t feel right when I take my bra off. It feels weird.”

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And it’s fair to say viewers at home are divided over the admission, with one writing on Twitter, “@reallorraine @lorraine that can’t be healthy never taking your bra off!? X #lorraine”

Another confused fan said, “#lorraine So, she NEVER takes off her bra, EVER ?”

While a third added, “Lorraine Kelly sleeps with her bra on?! God the thought of that makes me feel discomfort. I could never. “I mean honey forget the bed, as soon as I walk through the front door the bra is slid out through the sides in 2 seconds.”

Although some ITV viewers agreed with the star, as one said, “Your not alone on the taking off the bra, I can’t take mine off either.”

With another agreeing, “@reallorraine your not on your own with the bra issue.”

Loose Women star Coleen was also shocked by the confession and said she should “free the girls”.

Lorraine then replied, “I take all my make-up off and scrape my hair up. But the bra remains.”

Googlebox star Scarlett Moffatt even got involved after reading out some of the viewers’ reactions.

“You have to take it off and let loose in your own home,” she chimed in.