Lorraine Kelly has issued an apology after viewers were left unhappy with her comments about a mental health issue during her show.

The presenter was accused by some fans of ‘mocking’ Katy Perry for revealing that she suffered from situational depression due to her latest album flopping when this was discussed with showbiz reporter Dan Wootton on Wednesday’s programme.

Firstly Dan questioned whether the condition actually exists, prompting a smiling Lorraine, 58, to nod and say: “Indeed”

Then he explained that a psychologist had told him that “this is an actual mental health condition that means depression can be sparked by a particularly traumatic event in your life.”

“Lorraine, I will just say I’m not sure, Katy, whether your album tanking really is enough of a traumatic situation,” Dan added. “Just going to leave that one there.”

Again Lorraine nodded with a smile on her face and replied: “I would have to agree with you, young man.”

This reaction didn’t go down well with many viewers who suggested that the pair had not treated the condition seriously.

“congratulations on mocking Katy Perry about her depression. Just because you don’t deem it a recognised form of depression you and your LA mate see fit to make a joke of it. You should be ashamed. #apologyneeded,” one watched tweeted.

Another wrote: “shame on you Lorraine, invalidating Katy Perry’s situational depression by saying that you don’t think her album flopping is enough of a trigger. If the depression is there is doesn’t take a huge traumatic event to trigger you, + maybe to her that WAS hugely traumatic #lorraine”

“Katy Perry’s feelings don’t matter says Wootton and #Lorraine,” one added, whilst a fellow viewer said: “You laughed at the idea of situational depression and agreed that her situation was not traumatic enough to trigger it. Such damaging comments.”

Lorraine was quick to react to the comments though and made it clear that she hadn’t intended to mock the issue.

“To clarify – I would never belittle anyone’s stuggle with mental health problems. If offence caused then I apologise,” the presenter told her Twitter followers after the programme.

Many have since thanked Lorraine for apologising, though some have defended her and argued that she didn’t need to say sorry.