Whether you’re at home or in the office, often a day doesn’t go by without putting the kettle on to make a cup of tea but Loose Women stars Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams disagree over making the perfect brew.

The pair, who are close friends, are at loggerheads over who makes the best cup of tea – but it’s not just the tea’s taste which is different – it’s their methods too.

In a new video blog, uploaded to their social media, Nadia and Kaye, go head to head to show fans how they make a cuppa but in doing so, they prove very critical of each other’s technique and they call on the help of their fans to settle the debate, captioning the video, “Squad, help us settle a debate – how do YOU make a perfect cup of tea? WE WANT THE DETAILS !!”

Nadia doesn’t hold back on criticising Kaye, she says, ‘Kaye makes the worst cup of tea’ but Kaye fights back explaining, ‘The problem is that Nadia, and indeed all of my family, think I make a terrible cup of tea’.

But Nadia is convinced Kaye could learn a thing or two from following her tea making rules.

Kaye’s method involves always using a tea pot with just two tea bags. Whereas Kaye stresses the importance of using a kettle filled with fresh water, that it ‘must be boiling’ and adds, ‘don’t take it off the boil too early Kaye.’

Kaye professes, ‘Nadia, and indeed Ian and the kids, just dunk their tea bag straight in the mug’ and is something she brands ‘common’.

Kaye adds, “A wet tea bag is the physical manifestation of the word moist!’ as she leaves the teapot to brew for a couple of minutes, declaring, ‘Good things come to those that wait’.

Nadia complains that Kaye ‘never’ stirs her cuppa followed by the squeezing of the tea bag and further stirs before adding milk until there’s a ‘rich, toffee, caramel colour.’

But Kaye confesses she doesn’t care when the milk goes in because she doesn’t drink milk. ‘Just slosh it in whenever you like!’ she adds.

So who does it best?

Fans are quite to take sides on the debate. One wrote, “Sorry Nadia, your tea would be too strong for me, Kaye’s was perfect for me, I don’t take milk either but sorry to say I don’t put it in teapot,” another says, “I’m with Kaye on this as well, tea best made in a pot and left to brew. Sorry Nadia your method is just wrong!” and a third writes, “Nadias tea is perfection for me. Hate weak tea. I bend all the teaspoons so much squeezing the life out the tea bags my husband thinks Uri Geller stays with us.”

Meanwhile some remain divided, writing, “Both ladies are right, and both wrong. Perfect cuppa is made in the cup a la Nadia, but made to the strength of Kaye’s.”