Saira Khan has revealed that her husband was ‘devastated’ after she gave him permission to have an affair live on Loose Women.

Saira Khan

The 49-year-old previously admitted that she would give her husband of 14-years, Steve Hyde, a ‘hall pass’ so he could have sex with another woman because she had “lost her libido during menopause”.

But her confession didn’t sit well with Steve…

“My poor husband was going: ‘What the heck have you said?’ Saira told OK! magazine.

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“He’s a big shot businessman and the headlines were saying: ‘Saira Khan’s given him a hall pass.’ He didn’t even know what a hall pass was!’”

She continued: “Loss of libido is the kind of thing we all talk about among our friends, but there was clearly an appetite to talk about it on a bigger scale as I got thousands of emails.

“There are so many people my age who are not having sex with their partners, or who are unhappy with their sex lives or not enjoying sex, and you don’t need to bottle it up.”

However, the mum-of-two admitted she has no regrets about what she said on the ITV daytime show, confessing it has actually helped their sex life.

“Do I regret it? No. It opened up the conversation,” she added.

“Things are definitely better in the bedroom department.

“We now make time for each other and I’m on HRT [hormone replacement therapy], that’s helped immensely. It took the public humiliation to make me and Steve address our sex life.”