The Loose Women ladies took a trip down memory lane on today’s show by revealing their old school photos - with hilarious results.

Andrea McLean, Carol McGiffin and Kaye Adams all showcased the nostalgic pictures for viewers to see, with Carol the first to look back on her youth.

The snap of the 58-year-old showed her sporting a bowl cut, prompting giggles from the other ladies and studio audience.

“Stop laughing at me, that’s cruel!” Carol said.

And the embarrassment didn’t end there for the TV star as Kaye, 55, announced that she had Carol’s school report card and she began to read out comments from the headteacher.

“Carol has not yet achieved a happy relationship with those in authority,” it said. “I fear there will be difficult times ahead until she realises how important she really is.”

Meanwhile one of her teachers had written: “Carol’s work showed she has a lot of ability.

“Her lack of patience when amongst girls, some of whom work more slowly than she does, makes her tiresome in the classroom and leads to bad behaviour she ought to be able to avoid.”

Next up was Kaye’s photo, which showed her as a schoolgirl in Scotland.

Carol got her own back by joking about Kaye’s hair: “Did your mum cut yours as well around a bowl?”

Kaye was quick to protest that she went to a ‘very expensive hairdresser in Edinburgh’.

Finally it was the turn of Andrea, 48, who sported a curly ‘do in her shot and she went on to make a confession about how she achieved her bouncy locks.

“My mum not only cut mine, she permed it at home!” the mum-of-two explained.

Unfortunately Nadia Sawalha had to miss out on revealing her school photo as she admitted that her mum hadn’t kept any pictures of her.

To make up for it, the Loose Women ladies got together for a new shot and dressed up in uniform to recreate a school snap.

Awww, at least Nadia has one now!