There’s nothing quite like a lie-detector test to leave celebrities shaking in their designer boots, and this time it was the Loose Women ladies who ended up admitting they’d all ‘faked it in the bedroom’ after a discussion about Linda Robson’s weight loss took a naughty turn!

Earlier this week former Birds of a Feather star, Linda, showed off her incredible new body after losing nearly two and a half stone.

She looks amazing, right?

But while the 60-year-old says she shedded the pounds by cutting our sugar, eating healthier and going to the gym, critics accused her of having a gastric band or taking slimming pills.

Determined to prove the trolls wrong, Linda took a lie detector test on Loose Women to prove she hadn’t had surgery to help her lose weight – but there was one question she DID lie about.

Questioning her about her weight panellist Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and guest Alesha Dixon asked her questions including, “Have you ever been fitted with a gastric band?” and “Have you taken diet pills in the last two year?” Linda answered “No!” to them all and the lie detector proved she was telling the truth.

But then, Kaye Adams slipped in one last key question that made Linda a little flustered. She asked: “Have you ever faked it in the bedroom?’

Linda replied with a cheeky grin on her face,  “I said ‘No’…..I was lying!”

At which point the whole panel burst into hysterics.

She then added: “I done my Sainsbury’s shopping list!”

Alesha Dixon could hardly breath she was laughing so hard!

Kaye then switched the spotlight onto Andrea McLean asking her if she had too. “Well we all have,” she said looking slightly cringed out. “It’s only polite,” she added while the rest of the panel were in stitches.

Well, there you have it!