After an emotional journey, the former Emmerdale star reveals that even after weight loss she struggled with body image - until she could see her 'nunny' again, that is!

After dropping a dramatic 12 stone, and 8 dress sizes – from a 28 to a 12 – former Emmerdale star Lisa Riley has undergone a distinct change. But while she felt great about having lost the excess weight, the soap star has revealed that she was disgusted with her appearance – due to almost 2 stone of excess skin that remained to remind her of her previous body shape.

Talking about her new show, Lisa Riley’s Baggy Body Club, on Loose Women, Lisa remembered ‘those dark days [before corrective surgery] and they were really dark.’ She had achieved a new body shape, but describing her feelings about how the excess skin looked, said: ‘I was revolted.’

Her new, emotional show holds no punches – Lisa tells it exactly as it was, at one point saying ‘I feel like a balloon that’s had all its helium taken out.’

But with her new lighter body, she was also in awe about a few things, including her newfound simple toilet hygiene! ‘Everything’s closer. Just being able to go to the toilet, to wipe my nunny. Well my nunny is here now,’ she says.

Describing how it was before she had lost the weight, and even before the corrective surgery, she is blunt: ‘I had to really reach round all the fat and reach down under – but [now] it’s there.’

This delight is a joy to see, especially after seeing the actress in an emotional state earlier in the programme, as she explains how she felt like she has been left trapped inside a flapping skin suit. ‘How on earth am I supposed to be happy about being left with this?’ she asks at one point.

Now though, she has absolutely no regrets for undertaking her personal journey – which all came about through one amazing moment. She told the Loose Women that she feels ‘like a completely different person. What I was hiding behind I now know. I’m happier now, I love my life and how I feel.’

‘I have a zest for life to get up and go. Now I’m at the gym at six in the morning. But those times were horrendous and I’ll never go back.’

We think Lisa is a total inspiration.