After losing a jaw-dropping 12 stone, Loose Women’s Lisa Riley has stunned everyone with her transformation, including her best mates.

But there’s only one person she wants to showcase her dramatic weight loss to – her mother Cath, who died in 2012, aged 58, from breast cancer.

In an interview with The Mirror, Lisa, 41, said that she wishes she could show her mum “all the nice clothes” she now wears since going from a size 28 to a size 12.

The former Emmerdale actress said: “I was about 100 to 1 as the one to lose weight. I was the underdog. The horse that’s kept on running and lost over half my body weight when no one ever thought I would.”

She added: “Even my closest friends were shocked I did it, they thought I’d be big forever. If I told you the money I’ve been offered to do weight-loss DVDs, your jaw would drop.”

Lisa revealed that her and her mum were ‘thick as thieves’, and that she misses her every day, saying: “I remember someone saying to me, ‘One day your mum is going to be gone, and then who’s going to help you?’ because me and my mum were thick as thieves. We spoke all day every day and she advised me on everything. We were glued at the hip. I just thought, ‘Oh, don’t be ridiculous!’ But now I wish I’d listened.

“I’d give anything to tell her how my day was. I can’t show her all the nice clothes I wear now and that kills me every day.”

Please take time today to show your mums how unbelievably special they are…and also, please will you have a split second of awareness towards others who might NOT actually have there mums by there sides today, because heaven took them far to young. If like me you are one of those people then find a way to hold back the masses of tears and let another person near to you know how much THEY mean to you. As it would mean so much for your Mum to know you weren’t struggling so much. I love you Mum, and you know on Earth I have my rock by my side, to help me through days like today. There was NOT a single day of my entire life, my mum didn’t tell me how much she loved me, now I hear her voice all around me. May the angels have awareness today to how many loved ladies they have up there in heaven 😘😘😘😇😇😇💛💛💛

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Lisa’s mum passed away in 2012 after battling with cancer on and off since 2000. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer, but it then spread to her pelvis and ovaries.

Lisa has publicly paid tribute to her late mum in the years since, and still frequently posts about how much she misses her.

“I always sense Mum around me,” she told The Mirror.

“The other day after work I was feeling down and I walked into my dressing room and saw a white feather. Some people think it’s mumbo jumbo, but for me it was a crutch and a sign from my mum.”

Lisa also told the newspaper about the best present her fiancé Al gave to her.

“The best present I’ve ever been given was from my partner, Al. He got together all my old home videos and put them on my computer for me at home, so I can hear my mum’s voice.

“Make the most of the time you have with people. Embrace everyone you love. You never know what will happen in life.”

Words by Isa Jaward.