Actress Lisa Maxwell was a fixture on Loose Women for five ‘heavenly’ years. However the 53-year-old has now revealed why she decided to leave the show – and her former co-hosts may not be too happy about it!

“Being a Loose Woman is not a job. For me, it was always something you do because you do something else,” she says.

“Loose Women for me, as a mum – finishing at 1.30pm after a live show and then having the day to be a mum and a wifey – was heavenly and just what I needed. But it made me very lazy, so I did that for way too long.

Lisa Maxwell Loose Women 2014

Lisa Maxwell Loose Women – 2014

“I had the time of my life getting drunk and misbehaving with a load of old birds, it was bloody marvellous. It was money for old rope and a real light relief.”

We’re not sure how the current panel on Loose Women – with regular favourites such as Andrea Mclean, Ruth Langsford, Janet Street-Porter, Coleen Nolan and Kinda Robson amongst others – would feel about Lisa describing their jobs as ‘money for old rope’!

However, we do know that Maxwell is still very close with her former co-hosts from five years ago, including former Countdown host Carol Vorderman.

The group still meet up regularly which Lisa described as “the best club.”

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Prior to her stint on Loose Women, Lisa Maxwell was on The Bill for seven years. Whilst the role propelled her to fame and opened doors, the stress and pressure of being in the hit TV show had heartbreaking consequences for Lisa personally.

“I left because I wanted to have my private life back. I’d had two miscarriages and my husband and I weren’t getting along great, and my daughter was three when I went in it and 10 or something when I left.”

“You never really know why you have a miscarriage, but you can always look back and blame it on something.”

“What I needed to do was to face up to what had happened and deal with it.”

And deal with it she did. Thankfully, the actress is now happier and healthier than ever.

Lisa Maxwell with her husband and daughter, Beau, in 2012

Giving up city life for the countryside, the mum-of-one says she doesn’t miss the fast pace of working on a TV show.

“I’d much rather have the relationship I have with my daughter now, which I genuinely don’t think I would’ve had if I continued at the level I was working at.”

“I love my garden, I love being in the countryside” Lisa confessed. She added, “I don’t know where it comes from. I grew up in council flat with a window box.”

Well, that countryside life certainly sounds pretty ‘heavenly’ to us…