Ok Linda, what’s your secret? Because we want in!

It’s undeniable that Linda Robson is looking fabulous at the moment – after losing an incredible two-and-a-half stone.

The Loose Women regular was sunning herself on a family holiday when she decided to upload a series of holiday snaps to her Instagram feed.

She captioned the photos, which depicted her basking in the sunshine and posing by the pool, ‘Had a lovely few days away with Louis and Bobby.

‘Nice massages, good healthy food [and a] lovely hotel before they do the marathon in three weeks.’

And her fans LOVED it, commenting in droves on how great the 60-year-old actress looks.

One posted, ‘You look bloody AMAZING! That swimsuit is beautiful on you. Hope your having a lovely chill out.’

Another added, ‘You look amazing, are you still off the wine?’

A third chipped in, ‘Check out that figure! Go on girl.’

A fourth wrote, ‘Wow, I wish I looked that good in a swimsuit.’

Luckily for us, Linda revealed that she bought the figure-flattering swimsuit from M&S.

Even better, the M&S Secret Slimming Padded Bandeau Swimsuit only costs £25. Bargain!

The swimsuit is available in sizes 8 to 22.

Linda spoke to us about her weight loss and revealed that her approach is to care more about how you feel, than what you weigh.

“I’ve stopped weighing myself,” she said. “But I think I’ve lost about two and a half stone. I’ve gone from a 16 to 18 dress size down to a 12 to 14.”

And the good news is that Linda’s weight loss trick is actually pretty simple. The actress cut out wine and sugar to get her svelte figure.  And her taste buds have adjusted to the change. 

She said, “It’s much easier now. My husband made me a risotto the other day and he put a glass of wine in it and I couldn’t eat it. It tasted too much of the wine.”

But, despite her enviable weight loss, Linda says she still doesn’t like to strip off in front of her husband. In an interview with The Daily Mirror, she explained, “I still wouldn’t take my clothes off in front of my husband.

“That’s not in my nature to do that. I still go to the bathroom put my nightie on.

“I’m never going to do it. We come from a Catholic background we don’t strip off in front of each other.”

Fair play to you, Linda. But if your Instagram post is anything to go by, we’re sure you look fabulous!