As a Loose Women panellist, Linda Robson isn’t one to hold back when it comes to personal matters. And she certainly didn’t hold back when it came to making a confession about her bath time habits.

Linda and her fellow Loose ladies were chatting on the show about when sex education should be addressed with children. The panellists also discussed if fathers should be allowed to bathe with their daughters.

The ladies were discussing a case where one woman had banned her husband from bathing their daughter, as he doesn’t “have the same bits” as her.

But Linda clearly had an open-minded attitude on the matter, confessing that she never locks the bathroom door when she wants a relaxing soak in the tub.

Speaking to the panellists, she even confessed that her kids regularly see her in the bath.

“I never close my bathroom door because when I get in the bath someone will knock on the door and want something anyway, so I leave the door open. So my kids are forever in and out.

“My son Louis, he came in last night and I was in the bath.”

Fellow Loose Women presenter Gloria Hunniford looked shocked, and then asked Linda how old her son Louis is. She then replied that he was 25, sparked a mixed reaction from the live audience.

Linda went on to defend herself, saying, “I think it’s important that they see what real women look like.”

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However, it seems not everyone quite agreed with the former Birds of a Feather actress. One fan took to social media to voice their confusion over Linda’s unusual confession.

However, the majority of fans stood up for Linda, agreeing that your children seeing you naked on occasion isn’t anything to be concerned about.

Linda went to to shared her belief that it’s “lovely to share a bath with your children”, as the ladies discussed the story of whether a woman was right to ban her partner from bathing their daughter.

And yet again, it seems most agreed with the 58-year-old – speaking out against the news of the mother’s ban.

One fan wrote, “I used to get in the bath with my mum when we were little and anyone who thinks it’s strange probably says more about them.”

While another commented, “Childhood is an innocent time for children & parents to bond in personal & productive ways. Caregiving, nurturing & memory making is natural. Bathing with your child is too.”