It’s been an emotional few weeks for the Nolan sisters, after Linda Nolan bravely spoke out about her ‘fear of dying’ on Loose Women, where Coleen is a regular panellist.

In the first instalment of her ‘Cancer Diaries’, Coleen’s sister shared with not just the panel, but also the nation, how she really felt about her diagnosis in an emotional video, leaving sister Coleen visibly moved.

However, yesterday there were tears of joy, rather than sadness, as Linda revealed the news that her cancer hasn’t spread.

The video clip showed Linda speaking o her doctor after a scan. After seeing the results, the doctor said: “The scan is good – we are pleased about it.”

Linda replied: “So it hasn’t gone anywhere?”

She then added, joyfully: “I can plan, I can go away again. I’m on top of the world.”

Linda, 58, has allowed the Loose Women cameras to follow her to hospital appointments, documenting her cancer battle.

Yesterday, after the latest Cancer Diaries segment aired, Linda joined the panellists in person to celebrate the news.

She said: “My final message to cancer – you’re dealing with a tough cookie and I’m going to fight it all the way.”

Linda also revealed her plans for the future, which include continuing with her autobiography and potentially another tour next year.