Linda's incredibly emotional segment has really moved Loose Women viewers...

Linda Nolan has made a rare appearance on TV, after she bravely opened up on Loose Women about her battle with breast cancer.

The segment, which aired on Monday’s show, has moved a lot of viewers after the 58-year-old very openly discussed her fears for the future.

Linda is currently battling breast cancer, having received her secondary breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year. The star was also previously diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 but had been free of the disease for the last six years. The singer’s recent diagnosis came after she fell over and a scan revealed a cyst on her hip.

Now, Linda has taken to TV to candidly shared her battles with the Loose Women panelists – including her sister Coleen, who is a regular on the show – via a prerecorded video clip.

In the incredibly moving segment, Linda shared: “I’m scared of dying.”

Addressing the sad passing of her sister Bernie, whom the Nolan sisters lost to cancer back in 2013, Linda explained: “I obviously think of Bernie every day. Everything that I’m going through I think of her. And I’ve made decisions because of Bernie. I’ve decided when it comes to the end of my life I would want to be in a hospice.”

Linda then recalled a recent family event in which she had been saddened by the fact she couldn’t join in with the celebrations the way she would have liked. Linda explained: “I had to sit at the table and watch everyone else dancing”.

Very poignantly, Linda finally added: “My life belongs to cancer at the moment. I don’t want to sound like a victim. Cancer doesn’t have any favourites”.

Coleen, who had watched Linda’s interview from the Loose Women studios, had become visibly emotional by at her sister’s openness.

In reaction to the piece, Linda told her fellow Loose Women: “I think we are just strong for each other. We cover a lot of it with humour and sarcasm, it’s the way we get through it. We try and be strong for each other when we are together”.

Following her appearance on the show, many fans have taken to social media to share moving words of support for Linda over the very candid appearance.

One user has shared: “Just watched Linda Nolan on loose Women talking about her cancer. So Sad to hear her story and she is so brave wish her all the very best”.

Another shares, “Linda Nolan is such an inspirational woman. Stay strong, you have a wonderful family network #LooseWomen“.

Another viewer shares: “Omg feeling so sad watching @loosewomen and Linda Nolan @NolanColeen hugs to your family and Linda Xxxx”.

Sending our best wishes to Linda, Coleen and all the family during this very difficult time.

Alice Perry