Singer and former One Direction band member Liam Payne has had some pretty crazy months recently. As well as launching his solo career, Liam also became a father when he welcomed his first child to the world with girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy in March.

And yet, he only turned 24-years-old this week! Liam has had to make some pretty big life changes so far as he adjusts to family life and his role as a father and doting partner to Cheryl.

Before his son was born, one of the changes Liam intended to make was to kick one of his bad habits – smoking. Liam vowed to quit smoking for his son baby Bear but fans were quick to call him out when the singer was spotted with a cigarette in hand recently.

Defending himself and speaking to OK! Online Liam explained: “I lead a very, very healthy lifestyle round the edges. Everyone has their vices. I’m only young. Things are going to change over the years, I only turned 24 the other day. I will find the time to give up. I’d like to give up. Sometimes you need something to lean on.”

He added, “It’s not a pressure type thing, just everyone has their vices. The rest of my life is a total health bomb. I’m 24, sometimes I’m going to say something and go back on my word.”

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Liam also admitted that it’s not just his fans who are disappointed. He revealed, “My mum is not happy about it at all.”

Although girlfriend Cheryl hasn’t publicly commented about Liam’s smoking habits, it seems she is telling him off for different reasons…

Given how private Cheryl has been in recent months, it is unsurprising that Liam’s habit of spilling all the secrets of their private life is grating on her.


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Liam told OK!: “I get a little cheeky ribbing and I say ‘Ah don’t worry about it, let the people know.”

He added: “I get too excited. She says ‘what did you have to say that about me for’? I’m like a proud nan. I get over excited, I’m just happy with everything.”

And despite admitting that Cheryl would rather Liam was more private, he couldn’t help but let something else slip!

Liam revealed that Bear had reached another exciting milestone and was starting to walk.

Best birthday ever 🐻💙

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He confessed, “He’s like a little tiny Michelin man. I had him today. He had some little Airmax on and he was trying to walk in the kitchen.” So, it seems even if we won’t be getting a full picture of Bear anytime soon, at least we can count on Liam to keep giving us updates!