popular royals

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A new poll has branded the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Andrew the least popular members of the royal family, according to a recent poll.

Nearly half of 1,005 people questioned in the Metro’s Public First poll had a negative view of Prince Andrew, making him the least popular royal.


Meghan Markle followed in a close second place, with 29% of those polled viewing Prince Harry’s wife in a negative light.

The Duchess appeared to be most popular among younger members of the public as well as those who identify on the left politically.

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Popular royals

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People were also asked whether they felt sorry for the former Suits actress when she admitted that she was ‘existing’ rather than ‘living’ in a recent documentary following her and Prince Harry on their recent African tour.

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Popular royals

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71% of the younger group of 18 to 24 year olds polled admitted that they felt sorry for her, while just 26% of the older group made up of 55 to 64 year olds felt sympathy for her struggles.

Meanwhile, only a quarter of Conservative voters admitted to feeling pity for her while Labour voters seemed to have more compassion, with half sympathising with the Duchess.

Despite her sons low public approval rating, the Queen was the most popular royal of the bunch, with 73% of participants giving a positive opinion on Her Majesty.