'I wish I hadn't, but it was impulse.'


As well as dealing with the aftermath of her hubby’s latest cheating scandal, pregnant Coleen Rooney has also had to contend with the likes of Carol McGiffin laying the blame for Wayne’s alleged wandering ways squarely at her door.

And if she was hoping for an enlightening admission from party girl Laura Simpson over the incident with the professional footballer in her VW Beetle, she’ll be sorely disappointed.

wayne rooney cheating

Appearing on This Morning the 29-year-old office worker batted off questions from host’s Phil and Holly, before denying she had ‘kissed and cuddled’ the dad-of-three and arguing that the night the pair met in an Alderley Edge nightclub had been ‘blown out of proportion’.

Responding to Holly’s probing, she said: “As a female, you know, sisterhood, I wouldn’t get into a car with a married man'”, Simpson replied that she was “a couple of drinks down” before looking at Phil and adding: “I wouldn’t be over the newspapers if I got into a car with you.”

Veteran presenter Phil was quick with a comeback, saying: “You bloody would. My wife would be all over you.”

Going into more detail about what happened in the moments before Wayne’s arrest for drink-driving, Simpson seemed keen to emphasise that her conscience was clear.
“I told Coleen everything I have told you, nothing happened, I haven’t got anything wrong, we got into the car, that’s it, I wish I hadn’t, but it was impulse.”
While Simpson admitted that she’s “been out with footballers” in the past she insisted that what the headlines have speculated about is “not something I do”.

Wayne Rooney cheating – viewers weren’t happy with Laura Simpson

Responding to the segment entitled ‘The truth about my night with Wayne Rooney’, viewers took to Twitter in their droves to reveal their dismay.

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