Kirsty Gallacher has opened up about how her divorce and a conviction for drink driving affected her mentally and physically.

Speaking on Natalie Pinkham’s In The Pink podcast, Kirsty revealed that her “poor body and brain went through it” after a tough divorce.

The former Sky Sports presenter, who split from her husband, rugby player Paul Sampson, in August 2014, described their split as “horrific”.

Her shock drink-driving conviction came in 2017, when the mother-of-two was pulled over by police for driving erratically after a night on the town left her three times the legal limit at 11am the next morning.

“I’ve had a tough few years,” the 43-year-old admitted. “I hit pretty much rock bottom at one point. My poor body and brain has gone through it. I’ve not coped well.”

Kirsty and Paul, 41, had been together for 14 years, and have two sons together, Oscar, 12, and Jude, nine.

“I was trying to be a great mum and keep it all going,” the mother-of-two explained. “I was pushing myself too much.”

After her marriage broke down, Kirsty enjoyed short-lived romances with actor Laurence Fox, 40, rugby player Danny Cipriani, 31, and comedian Jack Whitehall, 30.

“When you split up with a long term partner, you feel like you have to catapult yourself into another relationship,” she told close friend Natalie. “They were lovely relationships, but they weren’t right. I was scared to be on my own.”

The presenter also admitted that she regretted not taking advice from her brother-in-law, Russell Brand, 43, who married her younger sister Laura, 31, in 2017.

“Russell said, ‘Kirsty, I think you need some time on your own’. I thought, ‘No I don’t!’ So I didn’t. Now, sorry Russell, you’re correct,” she shared.

Kirsty also revealed that she has since abandoned boozy nights out in favour of “tons of water”, saying that she now drinks “very little else”. She was banned from driving for two years following her 2017 conviction.

Words by Samantha Simmonds.