The former Atomic Kitten singer is said to be really enjoying her role as evil queen Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty, but audiences have complained that her over-the-top performance has scared their children!

Kerry, 37, has been starring in the pantomime three nights a week at Manchester’s Middleton Area.

While she’s loved the role, her acting has perhaps been a bit too enthusiastic, and bosses have told the star to ‘take it down a few notches’ after ‘scaring’ young children and making them ‘burst into tears’.

A friend of Kerry told the Daily Star, ‘“She’s been told by her bosses that she needs to tone it down a bit. She has gone over the top playing the baddie.

“Kerry loves acting and throws herself into the role and she thought by being mean and loud the crowd would love it.

“But for some of the little ones it’s been too much and they’ve burst into tears. Mums have had to take them out of the show to console them.”

1 down 2 to go!!!!! Loooonngg day!!!

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Mother-of-five Kerry is reportedly horrified that her acting has hit a sour note with kids in the audience.

“As a mum herself, Kerry is a little mortified by this. The last thing she wants is to be seen to be upsetting little kids. So she’s agreed to be less scary.”

Dressing up in a purple gown and black horns, Kerry revealed that she thought about her former husbands to prepare for the role.

“My character in Sleeping Beauty is the evil queen, so pretty much like me in real life,” she said. “Ask my ex-husbands, I’m sure they’ll agree with you.”

If she can impress audiences, Kerry hopes that her performances will lead to more acting work on the stage or on TV

“What Kerry would love is a role in a soap like Coronation Street,” her friend continued.

“She prefers living in the North West as she’s close to her mum Sue and her old friends so she’s hoping being a hit in the panto will make bosses consider her.”