Kerry Katona has said she’s ‘relieved’ ex George Kay is dead as she fears he would have one day killed her.

Kerry Katona

Former rugby player George died from a suspected drug overdose three weeks ago at the age of 39.

Ex-Atomic Kitten star Kerry married George in 2014 but split from him just a year later. The couple had daughter Dylan-George, who is now five years old, during their time together.

Giving her first interview since his death, Kerry said she would always fear for her life if he was still alive because their relationship was so toxic.

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She told the Sunday People, “George couldn’t be saved. He was always going to die. To be honest, it’s almost a relief he died when he did, when DJ is this age.”

Kerry, who had reportedly got a restraining order out against her ex, continued, “If he hadn’t have died, it would’ve been me. My mum says she was just waiting for the call from the police to say he’d kill me. And I know myself, I’d never been able to relax unless he was either back in jail or dead. Now he’s dead, there’s a sense of relief.”

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Kerry recalled the moment she was told about his death, admitting she thought the call from his dad was actually to warn her that George was going to “kidnap” the daughter they share together.

It was only when she got a call from George’s brother that she knew he was dead.

The singer said when she told DJ that her father had died, it was too much for her to take in.

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Kerry added, “Even now if I try to talk to her about it she covers her ears and tells me to ‘shhh’. She’s dealing with it in her own way.”

After his death, Kerry said she went to the chapel to see his body. There, she screamed at him.

“He was lying there, smirking and I asked him, ‘Why have you done this to DJ? She’s so beautiful? Why have you done it?! I’m so angry at him. I’m furious that he couldn’t leave that s*** well enough alone.

“He loved it more than me or his daughter.”