Kerry Katona appeared on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, and discussed the moment on the show that “destroyed her career”, as well as proudly showing off her 2 stone weight loss.

Back in 2008, Kerry appeared on This Morning and viewers, as well as then-hosts Philip Schofield and Ferne Britton, noticed that she was significantly slurring her words, and seemed to be in a bit of a daze.

Speaking to Piers and Susanna, Kerry admitted that the appearance was devastating for her.

“It destroyed my career,” Kerry candidly expressed. “For so long the mental health stigma was pure taboo and that appearance was all down to my bipolar medication.”

Looking towards the show’s producers, she revealed, “I’m still getting TV companies to trust me again.” 

The interview was described as a ‘car crash’ by many of those who watched it, and has become quite infamous. In the weeks after, Philip Schofield went on BBC Radio 1 and spoke about it, telling then-host Chris Moyes,“The last thing I want to do is to witness a car crash in front of my eyes.”

He admitted that Kerry was, “obviously very, very angry with us”, but believes that the fault really lay with the “irresponsible” person who brought her to the studio in the first place. 

Kerry, as well as her then-husband Mark Croft, were adamant that the slurring was just due to her having taken her bipolar medication later than she usually would on Tuesday night, but it seems Kerry has had to live with the consequences for a very long time.

After having experienced so many struggles in the public eye, Piers asked Kerry how she would feel about one of her kids wanting to pursue careers in music.

“I wouldn’t say what happened to me was because of the industry… it was a mixture of my childhood, the fame, you’re surrounded in your circumstances.

“If they were passionate about it, absolutely! Follow your dreams.”

Before she began talking about her past issues, she celebrated her weight loss with Piers and Susanna, appearing pre-interview in a lime green bikini, causing Piers to comment, “you look great – and I don’t mean that in a sexist way!”

Kerry seemed super proud of her achievement, revealing, “this time, I’ve done it all myself”, and crediting her split from her third husband George Kay with motivating her.

She certainly has come a long way, and we love to see her shine!