Kerry Katona has revealed that her eldest daughter Molly is planning to move away.

The 15-year old wants to move to Ireland to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor, and Kerry is said to be ‘heartbroken’.

But although Kerry will miss her daughter terribly, she doesn’t want to ‘hold her back’.

Speaking to OK Magazine, she said: “Molly wants to be a surgeon. She wants to get really good grades in her GCSEs so she’s going to Ireland to do a transition year. This will give her an extra year of biology and sciences.

“She will be massively homesick. But I’ve told her that I think that it’s the right thing to do. Her mind is like a sponge and just soaks everything up.”

It’s been a turbulent time for Kerry, who recently revealed that she’s still ‘ridiculed’ for her mental health issues.

Kerry’s famously struggled with drink and drugs in the past, but she attributes that ‘infamous’ appearance on This Morning to medication for her Bi-Polar syndrome.

Kerry said: ‘It was eight years ago that I was on the famous couch, the infamous interview, me slurring and that was due to medication, pure medication.

“Even now I have episodes where I talk a million miles an hour and then I go really down.

“I’m still on medication and I’m not ashamed to admit that. But since that infamous interview, I’m still ridiculed. There’s still a stigma attached to me.”

We’re hoping that the separation from her daughter won’t take too much of a toll on Kerry. And at least Molly will have her grandparents on hand to ease the homesickness. Mairead and Brenda, Kerry’s ex Brian McFadden’s parents, will be there ready to welcome Molly to Ireland and she’ll be staying with them for the duration of her studies.

Well we think it’s fantastic news Kerry – sounds like Molly’s going to be a super star!

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