Earlier this year, Kerry Katona confessed that she has been left ‘absolutely heartbroken’ over her daughter’s decision to move away from her to live with her grandparents in Ireland.

Back in April 2017, Kerry revealed that her 15-year old daughter Molly wants to move to Ireland to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor, leaving singer and reality TV star Kerry ‘heartbroken’.

Now, four months later, the day has finally arrived when Molly is due to leave home. Ahead of her emotional departure, Kerry posted a video online showing her weeping over her daughter’s imminent departure.

Still a mummies girl I'm in bits

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“My baby girl having cuddles with her mummy,” Kerry shared with her fans.

“I don’t want her to leave,” she cried, before covering Molly in kisses. “She is, she’s leaving me – she’s abandoning me. I know I’m joking but I’m absolutely heartbroken.

“Don’t leave me, I’ve got abandonment issues,” she wept.

Molly is Kerry’s oldest daughter from her marriage to former pop-star Brian Mcfadden. They also had a second daughter together, 14-year-old Lilly-Sue.

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Speaking to OK! Magazine Kerry explained “[Molly] is going to live with her grandparents Mairead and Brendan (Brian McFadden’s parents). They dote on her and will look after her and keep her safe.”

“Molly wants to be a surgeon,” Kerry added. “She wants to get really good grades in her GCSEs so she’s going to Ireland to do a transition year. This will give her an extra year of biology and science. Molly wants extra knowledge – I am so proud of her.”

Kerry was overwhelming proud of her daughter this morning too, as she found out that Molly had done well in her GCSEs.

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Before Molly made the decision to move to Ireland, Kerry revealed that they had talked long and hard about her future. “We sat down and talked about it. I told her that if she didn’t do it, she could live to regret it” Kerry explained. “I don’t want her to live a life full of regrets. If she doesn’t like it, she can come back home.”