When it’s this cold outside, all we really want to do is snuggle up on the sofa with a hot drink and a good film.

And while we’re more than happy to do so in our own homes, Kelly Brook’s adorable country cottage is providing us with all of the winter home inspiration at the moment.

The Loose Women star and model has shunned the glitzy, celeb party scene in recent years. And it seems instead, she’s been focusing her energies into making her home as gorgeous as possible. And, if her Instagram photos are anything to go by, it’s definitely been worth the effort.

Following the appearance of the snowy ‘Beast from the East’, Kelly has been sharing some stunning photos of her cosy Kent cottage on Instagram.

The 38-year-old has mostly been showing off her AMAZING snowy garden – and it truly looks like something straight out of a Disney film.

On Wednesday, she shared a video of her snow-topped village, as she made her way home. Doesn’t it look idyllic?

Driving Home ⛄️

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When she’d returned to her £1 million cottage, she also shared the gorgeous view from her garden path. And it’s so cute!

Narnia ⛄️

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Kelly also went on to share a few photos of her expertly pruned garden, looking like something from the grounds of a castle.

Snow Cones ❄️

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And it turns out, the immaculate garden is actually the work of Kelly herself.

At the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, she confessed that the area had been a “10-year labour of love” for her, given that it was in “complete disrepair” when she originally bought the house.

10” ❄️

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She said, “For me it was about stripping it back to its bare bones, and getting the landscaping right. Now, I’ve started to put back in all the plants that I love.”

38-year-old Kelly also posted a picture of her picturesque village, and it looks like it’s been lifted straight from cosy Christmas film The Holiday.

Made it to the Village!!! 🍞🥛

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If that weren’t enough though, the inside of Kelly’s impressive home looks equally as beautiful too.

The star has previously shared a few interior snaps of her luxe abode, revealing that she’d chosen a cosy rustic theme in true keeping with the original features of the cottage.

In fact, it seems her country home is so fairy-tale like, she’s even had a little wildlife visitor – an owl!

Look at this Beauty in my Kitchen 🦉 What a lovely Welcome Home 🏠

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One more question about the house – does he come with it?!

Since 2pm……. ❄️

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We’ll confess – we’re super jealous of Kelly’s amazing home. When can we move in?!