Loose Women's Kaye Adams shows fans sneaky way of covering up her cooking disaster but the food isn't the only gross thing.

Eagle-eyed fans could not resist hitting out at Loose Women’s Kaye Adams after she shared a video of her cooking disaster on social media.

The 55-year-old TV star, who is a regular panelist on the ITV daytime chat show, revealed her epic cooking disaster and showed fans how to mask it.

But in doing so, Kaye exposed herself to criticism over the state of her kitchen appliances.

Speaking to the camera, Kaye says: “I have a tiny little problem with the lasagne this evening. It’s a little bit over fired, see what I mean?’ as she proceeds to snap it.

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I've got a little tiny issues with the #familydinner tonight. It may be what is known in the industry as a little over fired… but fear not #DisasterChef is here with a top #cookingtip

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She continues: “If I’d made it fresh like I always do, I wouldn’t have had this problem but I bought frozen.”

“Oh God I nearly took my filling out” she says as she takes a bite. Adding: “So a little bit of cheese on top, a little tip for you, stick it back in the oven and it will all melt down together and nobody will notice a thing. nothing to see here, move along.” And she puts the dish back into the oven.

One alarmed fan wrote: “OMG Kaye!! PS: it looks like you need to give that oven a good scrub” to which she replied with a horrified emoji.

The glass on the oven door is covered in greasy splash marks which have been baked on over time and is likely to make it difficult to see if something is cooked in the oven – which could be why the lasagne was burned.

Meanwhile a company offered: “We will come and clean that oven for you, it will improve your cooking skills.’

But a third defended the star, to say “Well done Kay” and pointed out: “well at least you can see you use your oven nothing wrong with it at least it’s not just sitting like a posh ornament & just for show love your just a normal person like the rest of us (sic).”