Katie Price has once again caused controversy and sparked outrage amongst her fans and viewers of Loose Women. This time, the brazen mother-of-five raised eyebrows after revealing that she has a “joke” with her nine year old daughter Princess that she used to be “ugly”.

Katie’s comments came after the Loose Women panel discussed singer ‘Pink’ and the powerful speech she gave at the MTV Video Music Awards about self-acceptance.

In her empowering speech, Pink shared a story about her own daughter, and how the singer is trying to help her learn to love herself and realize that beauty comes in many different shapes and forms. The award-winning artist told the audience a story about how her daughter had confessed she thought she was the ‘ugliest person she knew’ and Pink described how the heartbreaking comment inspired her to speak out.

“We don’t change … we help other people to change so that they can see more kinds of beauty,” she declared.

After discussing Pink’s empowering message, Katie Price revealed that she jokes with her own daughter about her looks, and bluntly said that she thought Princess was “ugly” when she was first born.

She told the Loose Women: “She really was ugly. She really was. But she wasn’t to me.

“All the ugly ones in school turn out to be the swans.

“Even Jet and Bunny were gorgeous to me but they’ve got to grow into themselves.

“Newborns always look like wrinkly old men.”

Katie comments drew surprised reactions from the Loose Women panel and criticism from viewers at home.

“How can she say that about her daughter?” said one, while another commented, “How is this meant to help her daughter or build up her self esteem?”

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