“Enough is enough."

Just days after confirming her split from husband Kieran Hayler, Katie Price bravely decided to appear on Loose Women to confront the rumours and tell her side of the story.

Appearing alongside fellow panellists Andrea McLean, Coleen Nolan and Nadia Sawalha, Katie put on a brave face whilst disclosing details of her separation from Kieran.

Katie divulged that the sudden split is a result of Kieran’s infidelity, as the father of two was caught cheating by Katie again.

“Years ago I caught Kieran cheating with two of my best friends and I’ve paid for therapy to get him help. As far as I knew, our marriage, sex life and family unit was perfect” she said.

“Obviously going to work, I employed a nanny to come in, and as everyone knows I’ve caught him again having an affair with my nanny for a year. Sleeping with her in my house and everything…”

However, nanny Nikki Brown has denied the affair, telling The Sun: “I did not sleep with Kieran. It’s all lies. Katie owed me thousands and thousands of pounds. She’s read some emails and assumed we’re having an affair.

“There’s nothing intimate or sexual in them and I know because I sent them. Katie wanted a divorce, she wants an excuse to get out and blame someone else.”

Despite reports, Katie has denied the sources that say that she has kicked Kieran out of the family home.

“What am I going to gain by kicking him out?” she stated. “I haven’t deserved any of this at all, I’ve just been a normal wife.”

Katie then added: “I know there’s issues from his past that he has to deal with – I’m not saying it’s an excuse. You lot know it was horrific what happened to him as a kid. He needs to let it all come out.”

Talking to the panel Katie explained, “Kieran has cheated again. He’s is devastated and doesn’t want to lose me.”

“I love him. When I go home it’s confusing. He’s hurt me once and I don’t deserve to be hurt. It’s an addiction and I feel sorry for him. I haven’t kicked him out. We have children involved and we are going to deal with it privately.”

The 39-year-old also alluded to the fact that there are more details yet to emerge of her split, “other things are going to come out” she confessed.

After dealing with Kieran’s infidelity throughout their two year marriage, Katie admitted that she’s not willing to put herself or her children through further heartbreak. She confessed to her friends and panellists, “there is no future for us at the moment.”

“Enough is enough. I’ve got two young children with him and we’ve got five children. He was going to adopt Harvey. Why should they suffer?” she said. “I’m going to have to go through all this heartache again and I know I don’t deserve it.”