Katie Price was forced to leave the set of Loose Women on Tuesday 12th December, after breaking down in tears over her mother Amy’s deteriorating health.

The former glamour model has spoken openly about her mum’s battle with lung condition idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IDF), after she was diagnosed with the devastating terminal illness earlier this year.

Katie went on to the ITV to raise awareness of her mum’s condition, after the news that Keith Chegwin had died at age 60 from the same condition.

She revealed to the fellow Loose Women panellists that before his death, Keith had actually been helping Katie’s mum with their shared illness.

“Keith got in touch and we’ve been speaking to him a lot and he was trying to help my mum,

“I knew all along about Keith. I never said it to anyone, and I can’t believe that within six months he’s gone.”

The star then became emotional about her mum, who has been given just three to five years to live. She even revealed that Amy’s health is quickly getting worse.

“The thing is, my mum’s going to die and I just don’t want her to die. She’s getting worse. She’s having to sell her house now because she can’t get upstairs.”

“How can my mum die?”

And, getting more emotional, Katie then exclaimed, “How can my mum die? It might even be my last Christmas with her.

“She’s so healthy, never smoked, she works out all the time.”

The reality star also shared that her mother’s only symptom was a persistent cough, which she’d had for five years.

Katie even went on to share with the audience that she had recently found it difficult to be around her mother knowing how her health will decline.

“I couldn’t see her for a few weeks and she didn’t understand why.

“And I just said, ‘Because I can’t bear seeing you, knowing I’m not going to see you grow old. You won’t see Harvey’s 18th birthday or the kids’…’ How can my mum die? I love my mum so much.”

Host of the show Ruth Langsford comforted the devastated star, before escorting her off the programme in tears.

To find out more about the condition and support people suffering with lung diseases, visit the British Lung Foundation here.

We’re sending all of our support to Katie and her family at this tough time.