Love Island star Chris Hughes and Katie Price‘s epic feud has hit an all-time high after he accused Katie of sending ‘threatening messages’ to his girlfriend, Olivia Attwood.

The drama began when 24-year-old reality star Chris took to Twitter to share a bunch of ‘flirty’ messages that the former glamour model had supposedly sent him since they appeared on Loose Women together.

Katie and Chris met on Loose Women [ITV]

Since then, things have escalated after mum-of-five Katie then posted a cryptic tweet hinting that ‘the truth always comes out’ and she still has ‘screenshots’.

But now Chris has gone on a furious rant about Katie, calling the LW star ‘desperate’ and telling her to ‘leave me and my girlfriend alone’.

Taking to Twitter, the ITV2 star shared a lengthy note with his 420k followers along with the message: “I done with this s**t now. You’re looking to get back at me, your desperate. Stop sending threatening voice notes to my girlfriend too.”

Beginning his tirade, Chris slammed: “Katie Price get your head out your a*se and focus on your own life, your children and stop harassing myself and Olivia.

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“I outed you because that’s what I do when I get accused of lying or being told that I’m not telling the truth.

“I have no shame or embarrassment showing those messages you sent me. I have no regrets either so just accept that someone’s stood up to you and called you out on it.”

Not stopping there, he continued: “You’re making up lies, you’ve lived your life through for years. Focus on yourself. I couldn’t care about you in the slightest. You’ve showed your true colours.”

The brutal message continued: “Go away, make up sh*t about me, show everyone these bulls**t messages you’ve created. For anyone with half a brain cell, on snapchat you can add someone via contacts.

“That way you’ll see I haven’t sent you anything. B*tch about me, call me names, tell every paper this bulls**t, I stand by who I am and am not going to let someone like you mug me off.

He continued, “Accept the fact you’ve shown colours in those messages I released last week and stop looking to equalise.

“I’m done with your bulls**t. leave me and my girlfriend alone to live our lives, and don’t threaten her again saying you will destroy our careers.”

The Love Island finalist finished with the line: “You’ve been shamed, live with it, move on.” Eeek!

Chris’ tweet came after Katie not-so-subtly hinted to her own followers that she has some screenshots to share.

During ITV’s drama Liar on Monday night, she tweeted: “Omg I’m watching Liar I love it #51screenshots #allreplies #totalcontradiction #neverunderestimatethepricey.”

A representative for Katie simply commented: ‘Chris is a very silly man’.

FROM: CelebsNow, our sister site. Written by Naomi Bartram.