After Katie Piper recently admitted she has a secret crush on Piers Morgan, the controversial Good Morning Britian host invited the Strictly Come Dancing star on to the breakfast show to grill her over the claim.

Katie Piper

Chatting to Katie on today’s episode of the early morning programme, the 54-year-old presenter confronted her on her recent confession, saying, “Recently Katie, you did a thing with Andi Peters and the following thing happened in the podcast…”

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Producers of the show then played a clip from Andi Peter’s eve sleep Refuse To Snooze podcast, where Katie can be heard brandishing her feelings for Piers.

The 35-year-old model can be heard saying, “He’s my secret crush Piers Morgan, he’s intelligent, yeah I’m really attracted to him.”

Katie Piper

Hitting back at the embarrassing moment, Katie quickly quipped, “First of all, I realise you are relishing in this, let’s put it into perspective – I am blind in one eye.”

Defending her decision to reveal the details of her unusual crush, Katie continued, “We were talking about what attracts you to somebody and I said confidence.”

“I don’t agree on every opinion you have, and I haven’t been trolled as much in my life.”

The former Britain’s Got Talent judge went on to joke that winning contestant of the talent show, Susan Boyle also has a crush on him, reminding Katie that she has competition, to which she quickly laughed, ‘‘Competition is healthy.”

Katie Piper

Speaking to The Mirror, Susan also dished the details on her crush on Piers, revealing, “Now who wouldn’t like Piers Morgan? I took one look at him on Britain’s Got Talent and said, “I want you mate. I want you – come this way, Piersy Baby.’

“He’s a good laugh – he joins in. And he’s very clever too.”

But it looks like viewers weren’t impressed, as one Tweeted, “Why would anyone have a crush on Piers Morgan.”

Another added: “Piers’ ego is reaching critical mass.”