The Duchess of Cambridge’s royal rise has seemingly gone off without a hitch. The previously unknown girl from Berkshire has made the transition to Duchess under the adoring gaze of the British public.

Kate Middleton

But behind the smiles and polished public persona that characterises Catherine’s frequent royal visits and outings, there’s a secret feud casting a shadow over her life. As a fairly new royal Kate has been welcomed into the family with relatively open arms. But it’s said that the ‘old’ royals –  in this case princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – aren’t as happy to share the spotlight with Kate.

While the Duchess can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of the media, and is praised for anything from her impeccable dress sense to her parenting skills, the York girls are often cast in a less than favourable light.

kate middleton

“Beatrice and Eugenie get slated for their holidays, luxury life styles and even their dress sense. They simply can’t compete with Catherine, it’s very frustrating and must hurt,” an insider told Woman magazine.

And while Kate earns her stripes as the face of the Royal’s various charities and on her numerous engagements, Beatrice and Eugenie – who have no official duties – can only look on.

The relationships that have come between them…


But it isn’t just differences in their daily duties that has caused an apparent gulf between the Duchess and the princesses. Beatrice and Eugenie’s close friendship with Isabella Branson – née Calthorpe, an alleged former flame of Prince William – has Catherine less than pleased. Isabella is said to have been a favourite of Prince Charles, when William and her were linked during his brief split from his now wife in 2007. This is according to reports in the Daily Mail.

The report also describes Isabella as the ‘only girl who could make Kate feel insecure’. The fact that Isabella is also the half-sister of Harry’s ex-Cressida Bonas may have been a further bone of contention.

kate middleton

And on the flip-side the princesses are also said to be upset over the treatment of their mother Fergie. The Duchess of York was famously left off the guest list for the royal wedding in 2011.

“There is still bitterness about how Fergie was frozen out by the royals after the divorce. While Carole and Mike Middleton have been welcomed to royal events,” the insider added.

kate middleton

Tensions between the trio seemed particularly evident at the Queen’s Garden Party earlier this year. In several pictures from the event Catherine appeared to stride ahead of princesses. And the Queen was said been concerned about the apparent frostiness between the girls.

Only time will tell if Catherine and the York girls will ever come together. But with the Queen acting as mediator anything is possible!

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