Over the past few months, many people noticed for the first time that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex had changed her engagement ring, swapping the original plain gold band for a thinner, diamond-encrusted one to match her eternity ring.

Kate Middleton

And it seems like she’s not the only royal to put her own spin on an heirloom, as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has apparently changed a pair of diamond earrings that used to belong to Princess Diana.

The pair of diamond and sapphire earrings are part of a set that matches her engagement ring, and when they belonged to the late Princess, they featured a round stud and a matching oval one that dangled underneath it.

Princess Diana

However, it looks like the Duchess has removed the stud part of the earring, turning them into a more understated drop style.

After she passed away, Princess Diana’s jewellery, as per her will, left her collection to her sons, so that their wives could in due course wear them (apart from the pieces that were borrowed from the Crown).

Prince William then proposed to Kate with the 12 carat sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 14 diamonds.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry had two diamonds turned into the ring he proposed to Meghan with.

From our sister site, Marie Claire. Written by Penny Goldfoot.