Earlier this week, Loose Women’s Gloria Hunniford had slammed Kate Garraway for revealing that she occasionally likes to make husband, Derek Draper, jealous to keep the spark alive.

Commenting on Kate’s marriage revelation, Gloria had told Monday’s Loose Women audience that she thought it was “pathetic”.

Gloria explained, “See, I love Kate, but I think that’s pathetic, if I’m being honest” – before adding that she thought it was a recipe for marital disaster.

Following these controversial comments, 78-year-old Gloria has now come face-to-face with 51-year-old Kate during her appearance on the Loose Women panel.

Despite Gloria’s frosty comments earlier in the week, she and Kate had actually managed to hold an interesting debate.

Gloria explained to Kate, “What I actually said was, I couldn’t understand why a gorgeous woman like you, with a great husband, lovely children, why you’d want to make them jealous?”.

Kate had then justified her comments, explaining ‘”He’s very free about talking about women he fancies and I don’t mind that”, before adding that she also does the same – and that the couple feel its not harmful.

She said: “There’s toxic jealousy, when it’s about not feeling secure, possessiveness”, before explaining that this wasn’t what she had been referring to.

After the Loose Women played Kate a funny surprise video from her husband Derek, in which he teased his wife of almost 13 years for ’embarrassing’ him, Gloria and Kate appeared to end their debate on a positive note.

And, despite the controversial conversation, Kate has since thanked the panel for a “fun” time.

Kate writes, “Thanks for having me @loosewomen – always so much fun! And yes @GMB is going to be great fun this summer – you won’t want to miss it!”.

Kate has also shared a video of her interaction with Gloria – which she has fondly captioned “We love each other really!! Eek! @loosewomen”.

Looks like bygones have managed to be bygones for Kate and Gloria!