Kate Garraway faced a pretty awkward moment during today’s Good Morning Britain when she was forced to explain the time she ‘breastfed a cow’.

The presenter had to discuss the topic when co-host Charlotte Hawkins jokingly shared ‘breaking news’ with viewers by saying: “Kate Garraway once actually breastfed a cow.”

An image of Kate, 51, appearing to breastfeed a calf then flashed up on the screen, which showed her looking calmly at the camera whilst holding the animal to her chest.

The mum-of-two looked slightly embarrassed by the reminder and was quick to explain the story behind the picture.

“Now it was all part of a documentary,” Kate said as co-host Jeremy Kyle tried to interrupt. “It was a serious piece of journalism on Channel 4 called ‘Other People’s Breast Milk’ about people who drink other people’s breast milk.

“Now people were horrified by this, but the thing is when you give your baby formula you’re giving it milk from the breast of a cow.”

She also pointed out that the photo wasn’t all that it seemed as she didn’t actually breastfeed the cow.

“There was gaffer tape and an element of fakery involved,” Kate admitted. “And it clearly made the point because we’re still talking about it 12 years on.”

The TV star went on to add: “It’s not something I’m usually proud of, although I did look good!

“That’s the worst thing about that photo, it shows how much I’ve aged.”

Kate might have been a little red-faced over the memory but some viewers seemed to find it pretty amusing.

“Speechless at @kategarraway breastfeeding a cow @GMB #GMB,” one fan tweeted, whilst another simply quipped: “Breaking Moos”

Kate seemed to put her knowledge on the topic to use later in the show though as she showed Jeremy, 53, how to milk a cow.

The duo got to grips with the fake model animal as Kate advised Jeremy: “You pull and squeeze. You’ve got to get your hand around it.”

Soon liquid did come out of the fake udders, prompting Jeremy to shout: “It’s going everywhere woman!”

That’s something we never thought we’d see on GMB!