Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway is one of our best-known TV and radio presenters. Over the years, she has fronted various shows including GMTV, Daybreak and Lorraine. She presents a mid-morning show on Smooth Radio on weekdays and earlier this year, she wrote her book The Joy of Big Knickers, about the questions she faced on her milestone 50th birthday in May. She married her second husband, former political advisor, Derek Draper, 50, now a psychotherapist, in 2005, and the couple live in north London. They have two children, Darcey, 11, and Billy, eight.

Christmas with my kids is magical!

Being a mum is everything to me. On Christmas Eve, we drive up to see my in-laws in Lancashire and, traditionally, we always decorate the car, choose songs for the travel playlist and dress up. One year I wore a naughty Santa outfit and it was really bad snow that year on the roads and I was thinking, “This will be really embarrassing if we break down!”

I haven’t got a Christmas wish list. It may sound cheesy, but I’m so happy to be healthy and blessed with my lovely family that I don’t need anything. But at a push, I do want a potato masher that works and creams them properly!

The last year has been fabulous but…

I’ve yet to have my massive 50th birthday party. We keep putting it off, faffing around and changing the day. I’ve got to sort that before 4 May next year, otherwise it will be a 51st. My big birthday wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be, as I’d done all the thinking and panicking about it when I was writing my book. I felt I was braced, ready and positive about it.

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Kate Garraway
The ITV Gala, Arrivals, London Palladium, UK – 09 Nov 2017

The reaction to writing my book has been amazing.

In particular, the 14-day sex challenge (when she pledged to have sex with her husband every day for a fortnight). Even people I work with at ITV told me they’d tried it – not people I work with on-screen, I hasten to add! The idea is that if you’ve been married for a while, it puts sex at the heart of your relationship and forces you to carve out time that isn’t about loading the dishwasher or picking up the kids from school.

I don’t like the signs of ageing. Who does? What woman doesn’t pull her face up and see how much younger she looks? There is always a moment when you look in the mirror and, although you have full war paint on and blow-dried hair, you realise you don’t look the way you used to any more and that life has changed. When I was 25, of course I looked younger, but actually, at that time I was insecure and lacking in confidence. Nowadays, I totally love my life.

I still want to look good for my age…

I did get a bit obsessed with cosmetic surgery for a while. But Derek thinks the whole idea of it is lunacy. Besides, he always says I look gorgeous and makes me feel sexy. But I’m not saying I never would. I haven’t tried Botox, but I’ve done soft chemical peels and a course of CACI treatments to strengthen my facial muscles. I’m going to fight the ageing process as hard as I can!

Pregnancy does give you a bit of peace about your body hang-ups. Becoming enormous starts the process, but I’d still like to be taller and slimmer. I’m quite little – a size 8/10 and 5ft 2in and I bounce around 9st – but I still want to wear a swimming costume without fear. I started to try and be more limber and fit last year. I felt exhausted all the time, but after exercising regularly, I had more energy and took better care of myself.

I go power walking for half an hour, five times a week. I love being out in the fresh air. I take my lightweight trainers everywhere with me so I can walk after my radio show, on the school run and between meetings. I feel fitter and more toned. I still don’t think I look fabulous naked, but I take more care of myself. When you’re not frazzled, you feel sexier.

I’m not obsessed but I am conscious of what I eat. I tried the ketogenic diet for three weeks, which is high-fat, medium protein and low carbs, but it wasn’t for me. It suits me to eat a lot less sugar and carbs in my diet. Before that, I was a proper sugar addict. I would wake up and eat sugar cubes. I ate loads of pasta, chocolate, biscuits and toast, and always felt like I needed a nap! Now I eat more salads and protein and I feel so much better. It’s simple: Eat well and eat less.

The Joy of Big Knickers (Bonnier Books, £8.99), is out now.