Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that he almost ‘had a heart attack’ after noticing the toilet was stained bright red after going to the bathroom.

The former Top Gear host opened up about the moment he thought he had bowel cancer after spotting the blood red stains in the toilet bowl.

He explained, “I looked back to see what I’d produced and damn near had a heart attack.

“The whole bowl was stained blood red.”

The 56-year-old telly star went on to admit his first thoughts were that he was ill with cancer.

Recalling his thought process at the time, he wrote in his column for The Sun, “Well that’s it, I’ve got bottom cancer.”

Much to the controversial media personality’s relief, Jeremy later remembered he had chowed down on some bright purple beetroot the night before, a vegetable that can drastically change the colour of your you-know-what.


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Joking about the dangers of the colourful snack, Jeremy hilariously joked, “swear to God that stuff should come with a health warning, advising people that it will make your number twos the colour of Marilyn Monroe’s lips.”

Last month, Jeremy opened up about another health issue as he took to Twitter to slam doctors for claiming that hayfever medication is ‘non drowsy’.

Tweeting out to over seven million followers, he wrote, “Doctors: can we drop the nonsense? There’s no such thing as a ‘non-drowsy’ anti-histamine.”

In classic JC style, he later took to the social media site again to cheekily add, “I failed all my O and A levels because of hay fever and the anti-histamines I took to combat it. Also I did no revision.”