In an exclusive interview with Woman, life coach Jeff Brazier talks Boxing Day plans, cooking skills and how the family remembers Jade at Christmas

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He’s a regular on the small screen as a presenter, but more recently former professional footballer Jeff Brazier has carved out a career as a fully-fledged life coach. The 38-year-old, from Essex, has two sons – Bobby, 14, and Freddy, 13 – with the late Jade Goody, and recently announced his engagement to girlfriend Kate Dwyer. Here he tells us all about his Christmas plans…

I always let the kids decide where we spend Christmas. For the last three years, we’ve been in Brighton with Kate’s family and we love it. It’s become like a little tradition for the boys and me now. The only thing, of course, is that my mum misses out, but we always spend Boxing Day with her.

Each year, we make sure that, before we start the day for ourselves, we do something for Jade. The day goes better that way. Last Christmas, the boys, me and Kate ended up swimming in the sea for Jade, which was just mental. It was freezing cold but it’s worth it.

A lot of bereaved people struggle with Christmas and, for some, it’s a write-off because they don’t want to be happy. They don’t want to celebrate because there’s something missing. It’s just lovely [remembering Jade] as we know that we’ve done something for her and we’ve put her first.

Usually when we have Christmas at Kate’s parents’ house, they tend to cook, but my mum and I love to whip up a festive feast. Sometimes I try a little bit too hard and instead of just making carrots, I’ll make honey- glazed carrots. Instead of just making cauliflower, I’ll make cauliflower cheese. I end up spending most of the day cooking, but then when I sit down to eat it, I don’t even want it.

Jeff is taking part in the new Dolmio No Drama campaign